no more

not a weepy lover no more

oh no no no

move on with love in your heart

for having had the chance

i will always love you 

and i hope we can part as friends

will always sing to your tunes when they are on the radio

will always smile when i see your face

you gave me something amazing. a jolt back to being my old confident self

for that, thanks

for the unpleasantness and the strange behavior i hope you can forgive me

complicated time in my life

was looking for enemies in shadows and didn’t trust anyone

you were a victim of that unfortunately

Will remain your fan and wellwisher forever

goodbye kittykat



Anonymous asked:

why is jason biggs gross???? besides the short on netflix

orangeis answered:

He is a giant asshole. His humor is being mean to other people. I actually physically can’t stomach too much of him so I’ll list like the top 5 reasons why he’s a douche.

Warning: extreme misogyny and general assholery ahead.

  • Kim Kardashian wanted to remember the Armenian genocide, but apparently fuck Kim Kardashian



  • Jason is a big fan of The Bachelor





Exhibit B: She bought Jason a prostitute, and wrote an absolutely atrocious article about it. Stay classy there J-Squared.



Shows what a shitty comedian and general horrible human being you are if the only way you can be funny is at other peoples expense imo.



Let’s never forget what a douchebag Jason Biggs is. And before you defend him, read his reaction to people reacting to this tweet. Before his publicist undoubtedly forced him to give a more civil response.. 

biggs makes me feel good about myself

i can be an aashole but never that big

thanks Biggs

Kundalini and sex

The spiritual journey is driven by sex hormones, as the principle drivers to metamorphic alchemy and awakening. The urge to unite with God, and the urge to merge with a beloved runs on the same biological equipment, it is just lived at a different level of expression. Bliss is the energy of transcendence, and when kundalini arises and the Heart opens it feels like a lover. For females it feels like a male lover, for males it feels like a female lover. For this reason it is commonly thought that the soul of each sex is the opposite gender. Hence the anima/animus of Jungian philosophy.

The idea of Supermind (global brain) maybe as old as Plotinius, tho not explicitly stated. A teacher of Aurobindo brought it to his attention and so seeded Aurobindo’s sadhana. For information on Aurobindo’s take on the Supermind check out the book: “On the way to Supermanhood,” by Satprem. The Supermind is as vital as the body of man is vital—as the Earth herself is vital. Unfortunately our modern world is filled with interference patterns to consciousness such as electromagnetic fields, pollution and the destruction of nature itself leading to the devitalizing the human organism. The Supermind is when one’s subjectivity exhibits a planetary empathy. So one has to be enlightened to reside in Supermind consciousness…to be both separate and not separate at the same time. Maps of consciousness such as Spiral Dynamics maybe a ladder of objectivity, but no matter how high one’s eye, cognition is always subjective. That is Evolution = increasingly objective subjectivity.

Spirit uses the sexual chemistry and apparatus in the metamorphic process, so that even though the mystics may not be actually engaging in sex with another human their systems are fully sexed, fully revved up and potent during the great Passion of the alchemy. If this energy is simply masturbated away or spent on gross level compulsive sex then the Great Passion will fall short of its mark. To be fully sexually potent doesn’t necessarily mean one is actually engaging or even interested in sex, but that one is not repressing the full flow of Eros in the bodymind. At the mystic level supra-sex transcends, includes and amplifies normal-sex. Supra-sex is the total alchemy of transformation of which super-sex is a symptom or beneficial side effect. 




I was watching a great little video done by Laci Green about Asexuality today, when I (as always, since I can’t resist) started reading through the comments. I love seeing people who say “I didn’t know this existed, and I think this might be me!” because you really can see…

the holy spirit aka kundalini is just pure raw sex

handling that surge is like being 100 times more intensely ‘horny’

like making love to the universe.

please forgive me  if that has caused problems.

i have made sure it is not going to be an issue any more.

in a healthy way this time.