If you don’t know what a Katycat is, uhm, first of all they’re very successful fans. Friends… Friends, friends! Not fans, friends. And they like my music a lot, I guess? And they’re always there for me when I need them, we are all there for each other. I literally am so obsessed with you in a very healthy way. I’m obsessed and thirsty and desperate for you, Katycats.

I love you too


What would you do if your next album totally flopped?

KP: I’m not gonna give any energy to those words! But listen, if it’s a true expression of myself, then it will be necessary for me to put it out there. If it’s exactly what I need to present as an artist and it doesn’t do well by the numbers, at least I’ll have some pride in the fact that I needed to do this as an expression and, if it didn’t translate, then so be it. At least I’m staying true to myself and my music.

love it